Most Expensive Cruise Vacations

If you’re looking for an over-the-top, expensive, and inclusive trip, you’ll want to hit the sea on one of the most expensive cruise vacations possible. There is nothing better than sipping champagne with the sun on your face and a sea breeze blowing through your hair. The best part about expensive cruises is the option to take part in adventurous and unusual excursions as well. Below are some of the most expensive cruise vacations in the world.

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Baltic Sea Cruises

One of the most expensive cruises for vacation goers is a trip on the Baltic Sea. The region has a very short season for cruises, so they tend to fill up quickly, and discounts aren’t usually given. On average, the 7-day Silver Shadow cruise sails out of Copenhagen and will cost nearly $900 a day for its cheapest suite. However, it’s important to note the discounted room on this ship is about 287 sq. feet and features a private veranda, marble bathroom, and walk-in closet. As the price increases, so do the room amenities.

Antarctica Cruise

If you’ve done Alaska and you don’t want a sunny cruise, an Antarctica cruise is a perfect choice. These luxurious cruises average about $700 a night and last a bit over three weeks. An Antarctica cruise can include luxurious excursions off the boat as well. Kayaking, exploring, and even driving an ROC in deep-water are just a few of the adventures you can expect when you book this cruise.

Serenity from The Crystal Cruise

The Crystal Cruise’s largest and most luxurious ship is the Serenity. The Serenity ship will take you on a 108-day cruise trans-Pacific cruise that will set you back about $60,000. When you sail on the Serenity, you will visit the most unique places you’ve ever seen including overnight stays in S. Africa, Spain, India, Brazil, Dubai, Uruguay, and Spain. Instead of hitting the popular Australia ports, the Serenity cruises along the west coast of Africa before making its way back to Miami, Florida.

If you’re one of the lucky few that can afford one of the most expensive cruises in the world, skip Alaska, the Bahamas and the Caribbean and head for a unique journey that will allow you to see parts of the world that other people only dream to see someday.