Most Expensive Homes In The USA

US most extravagant homes come with hefty price tags, which would even take the richest 1 percent by surprise. These palatial residences give the European castle a run for their money and are packed with out of this world amenities you would except for those additional zeros. From New York high rises to west coast mansions, here are some of the most expensive homes in the USA.

Fleur De Lys Estate, LA

One of US most expensive homes was inspired by the great Louis XIV’s Versailles. The inspiration can be seen in its construction materials of French gold leaf moldings and limestone floors and the Italian marble walls. The $125 million mansion has 15 bathrooms and 12 bedrooms. Other luxuries include two kitchens, a ballroom, a 9-car garage and a fifty-seat movie theater.

Photo source: Pinterest

Casa Casuarina, Miami

In a house that once belonged to one of the most popular fashion designers in the world, you would expect nothing short of high style. Being the former home of Gianni Versace, the Casa Casuarina doesn’t disappoint. Listed at $126 million, the Casa Casuarina was built in 1930 has 11 bathrooms and 10 bedrooms. Latest upgrades include a 6100 square-foot south with plus a 54 foot pool outfitted in 24-karat gold and mosaic tiles.

The property was purchased for $20 by Peter Loftin in 2000, following the murder of Versace outside his home in 1997. Peter has since repurposed the property into a 5-star restaurant, event space and hotel. It is however up for sale as single family home.

CitySpire Penthouse, New York

This is New York’s most expensive apartment, covering 8000 square-foot space in midtown Manhattan. It has six bedrooms, a media room, nine bathrooms, formal gallery, a twenty-person dining room, a 1000-bottle wine cellar and a, conference room. Steven Klar, the owner describes this octagonal space spanning 3 floors as a “piece of art”. It is currently valued at $115 million making it one of the most expensive real estate properties in the country.