The 10 Most Expensive Vacation Destinations in the World

Everyone dreams of going to an attractive place for their vacations. In this article we look at ten of the most expensive vacation destinations in the world you may want to visit if you love the expensive lifestyle.

1. Paris-The capital of France is loved by many. It has numerous attractions and boasts as being the city of love. The hotels here may cost you up to $26,000 per night.

2. Fiji-This collection of over 300 islands is very beautiful. If you intend to visit the south pacific then Fiji is your best bet. The islands have several resorts that charge about $600 per night.

3. New York City-Apart from being famous for being the home to several entertainment companies, New York City is popular among the world’s tourists. If you choose to visit New York then you must have a big budget as hotels charge about $750 per night.

4. British Virgin Islands-This is a privately owned island with large grounds and beaches. Here you can enjoy bird watching and hiking among other activities at a cost of about $700 per night in the cottage.

5. Bora Bora -This is a very expensive and beautiful island. The island is only accessible by plane and charges about $800 per night inclusive of meals.

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6. Seychelles-This is an island with several other islands. Located in the Indian Ocean, the villas here cost about $1000-$3000 per night. While here you may get to adopt an animal.

7. Tuscany-If you plan to visit Italy, you must visit Tuscany. This rural town has very attractive villas that will cost you $500 per night.

8. Dubai-Dubai has become famous over the years among tourists. Shopping here is expensive and you will not miss any brand from across the globe. The hotels here are very expensive and charge up $20,000 per night.

9. Musha Cay-This destination is popular among the rich. It consists of 11 islands that are rented at $40,000 per night. The major attractions here are diving and under water fishing.

10. Oslo-This town in Norway has high standards of living since it has large deposits of natural resources and people have high incomes.

If you were looking for some of the most expensive vacation destinations in the world, the above list should give you ideas.