The Best Haircuts When You’re Going Bald

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Losing your hair. It’s the worst moment in a man’s life. Well, second, right behind hearing in bed “Is it in yet?” But that happens to so few men in comparison to going bald, it’s not even worth mentioning. Anyway… yes, going bald is scary, maddening, demoralizing, and just downright sucks. The only upside is that you don’t need to spend money at the barber anymore. Or… do you?

Yes, you absolutely do. And with good cause. See, losing your do isn’t the end of the world – you just need to get a new one. One that makes you make going bald with style and grace. But of course, what? What can of do should you do?

Not too worry, you don’t have to shave your head. That’s just option one of seven – yes, seven hairstyles that you can totally rock as you go bald.

It’s a little scary at first, and it’ll take an open mind and some reinventing. And to show you what’s possible, we’ve got hairstylist to the stars, Janelle Eide of American Crew International to show you what you can do. After all, she does the hair of many of Hollywood’s leading men that are just like you – going bald.

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Bruce Willis

The first thing that runs through a single man’s mind who’s going bald is “F*ck, I’ll never get laid again!” Well gentlemen, you’re wrong and here’s exhibit A. to prove it – Bruce Willis. Sure, sure, he’s rich and famous and all. But he’s also charming as hell, knows how to dress, and rocks his non-lock with absolutely confidence. “All you got to do is focus on a healthy shaving and scalp regime,” suggests Eide. It’s that easy.
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Jude Law

Ok, so Jude Law is like the world’s best looking dude ever. Not a great example as his looks aren’t even attainable by the best plastic surgeons. But his hair however, is. “Wearing his hair at clippered length, he owns his look,” Eide says. “A sheer application of foaming cream (your barber will know what this is), will give this length a healthy sheen without looking greasy,” she adds.
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Jason Statham

I know what you’re thinking, “I saw this already on Bruce Willis’ head.” Nope, you’d be wrong. And this is why we’re doing this little exercise in hairstyling for you. Bruce Willis has a shaved head, whereas Jason Statham has a prickly head. Jason’s barber uses a clipper with a length setting of a an eighth of an inch. That’s because he still has enough hair on his head to leave an eighth of an inch of hair everywhere it grows.
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Andy Roddick

“I’m sure one of the last things you’ll notice here with Andy Roddick is his male pattern baldness,” Eide says. “When losing hair on your crown, request to have that hair tapered into your style to remove bulk at the halo,” she adds. Essentially, you’ve got to go with nature on this one, not fight against it.
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Kiefer Sutherland

“Here’s Kiefer Sutherland looking good 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!” Eide exclaims. “Ask your hairstylist for a razor cut for added texture,” she suggests. Also, it’s as this point we’d like to point out that you’re likely getting up there in age. And when you do, it’s of the utmost importance to dress it – just like Kiefer. Anything less than well put together and sophisticated, just won’t cut it when you’re going bald.
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Daniel Craig

“Bond confirms that not all thinning hair needs to be cut short or spiky,” says Eide. “Here is a refined look that’s cut with the shears to maintain a bit of length, detailing the hairline with some razor work.” And again, the look isn’t complete without the outfit. Daniel Craig is a man of elegance, not a man with just a really good haircut.
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Chris Martin

Coldplay lead singer and former Gwyneth Paltrow hubby, Chris Martin believe it or not is on his way to going bald. He’s in the very beginning stages, much like I imagine you are, as this is when men panic the most. So relax, stressing out only accelerates the balding process. Look at what you can have when you notice the widow’s peak starting to recede. Chris is living proof that your hair can still look very much alive and well.
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