The Most Expensive Fashion Brands – Who Topped the List in 2015?

We all know the famous designer brands. From Dior to Burberry, Armani and D&G, there are several top designer fashions and brand names to choose from. So, who topped the list of the most expensive fashion brands in 2015? These are some of the top names from last year.

1. D&G –
Dolce & Gabbana has been delivering exquisite brand styles since 1982. For women who love sizzling hot styles, designer fashion trends, blended with an eclectic style, the brand is sure to deliver. Whether it is a $500 pair of jeans, or designer handbag costing thousands, the name has become synonymous with luxury and style.

Photo source: Pinterest

2. Armani –
Giorgio Armani stepped onto the design scene in 1975, and since then has been producing high quality, high fashion trends. As one of the world’s strongest brands, the company produces items ranging from leather shoes, designer watches for men and women, to the finest clothing and attire available on the market today.

3. Versace –
Another Italian designer name who is synonymous with quality design, fine material finishes, and runway styles. The brand initially took off in 1978, and since then, hasn’t died down in popularity at all. In fact, over the past year, it was one of the highest priced brands on the market, and with the iconic name tied to it, will continue to be into the future. By revolutionizing the fashion world, overstepping boundaries, and creating a truly unique and distinct style, the brand has been a trend setter since its inception, and was one of the most expensive fashion brands since being introduced nearly 40 years ago.

What these brands and many other designer names have in common is the high quality, reputation, and high price tags. These were a few of the most expensive fashion brands of 2015, and designer styles which consumers from around the world continued to buy in high quantities.