The Most Expensive Hobbies Out There

For the most part, people consider their hobbies to be something that runs on a tight budget. Seeing as it probably won’t be generating money of any kind, it seems a little excessive to spend too much on funding those hobbies. But for some people funding is not a problem, and they are known for financing the most expensive hobbies out there.

Photo source: Pinterest

Car Collecting

This isn’t your round-of-the-mill plastic model car collection that is kept in the box. People with money love real cars, and the more expensive the better. From classic roadsters to modern racing cars, this collecting can easily cost $1 million every time the collection expands. Try adding a 1937, 57S Buggati and it will cost you about $4 million.

Ballroom Classes

Thanks to all the hype of reality television, the glamour of ballroom dancing is back with a boom. What used to be an affordable hobby has now become a past-time for high-rollers. It has been estimated that costs can run up to $15 000 a year just to cover the wardrobe, classes, competition fees and travel arrangements.

Sky Diving

At face value the $250 fee doesn’t sound too much. It’s not cheap getting a plane off the ground so the costs are understandable. But when you do it once a week the logic flies out with the plane, because then you start to realize $250 for 1 minute of adrenaline might not be worth it.

Mountain Climbing

If you can get past all the gear, classes, travel expenses and paying the people who have to guide you, there is a question of not going to work. How much paid vacation can you afford? In fact, how much can you possibly get? For the right people the price tag isn’t nearly as challenging as climbing Everest.

There you have some of the most expensive hobbies the rich and famous love to finance. If you want to do them too then start collecting lottery tickets.