The Most Expensive Jewelry for Women

Every woman wants that piece of art that will make them look outstanding, or to match with their favorite celebrities. That is why most of the jewelry markets are filled with most expensive jewelry for women. This expensive jewelry for women can be used for different occasions. They can be used to express love, for example during engagements, or they can be a symbol of status. The most expensive jewelries for women are made of array of gemstone, silver and gold.

Photo source: Pinterest

Wittlesbash-Gaff Diamond has been rated as the most pricey jewelry for women in the world. It is made of diamond piece that weighs 35.56 carats. It is blue in color and it sold for $80 million. Pink star Diamond ring is rated as the second most expensive jewelry for women. According to the researchers and experts, pink Star Diamond has the best quality and size in the world. It is sold for $72 million.

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace is the third most costly jewelry for women. Discovered over 30 years ago, this necklace is yellow in color and it weighs up to 230 carats. Many traders and dealers have learnt the art of cutting this necklace and they are selling it to date. It costs $55 million.

Despite of being a rare color, the Graff Pink has made it to being one of the most expensive jewelry sought by majority of the women. It costs up to $40 million and it was once owned by Harry Winston, the most famous jewelry dealer. It weighs 24.78 carats. Zoe Diamond is the among the jewelries on high demand. This is because it has a fancy blue and attractive color. It weighs 9.75 carat and costs $32.6 million.

It is often said that “happy girls are the prettiest”, this has been proved by the invention of these most expensive jewelry for women. Those who posses them are among the happiest women.