Top Luxury Private Jets In The World

There are many private jets in the world which are really beautiful and luxurious. With many facilities and great interior decoration, these jets simply look amazing. Here are some of the examples of the top most luxurious private jets in the world.

Photo source: Pinterest

#1: Dassault Falcon 900

It is not only a great luxurious private jet but it is also considered to be one of the fastest private jets. It is sleek and stylish in design from outside and fly at a very high speed which is about 600 miles per hour. The most significant feature of the private jet is that it uses very less fuel and very high on comfort.

#2: Boeing Business Jet 2

It may look like an ordinary plane from outside but it is really beautiful and stylish from inside. It is often called the flying hotel. This private jet is consisted of a 1000 square feet of lounge with extremely comfortable furniture and a suite bedroom which is filled with rich amenities. This is nothing less than a flying luxurious penthouse.

#3: Gulfstream G650

This is one of the most popular private jets which is luxurious as well as beautiful. It is mainly for the celebrities or some rich persons like them. It can fit up to 12 passengers and can fly for more than 7000 miles nonstop. This is something just amazing!

#4: Airbus 319

This model is considered to be the 2nd most expensive private jet models. The best feature about this jet is that it is custom made by the owner himself. Thus, it makes the jet really unique and beautiful.

#5: Bombardier Global 7000

It can hold up to 10 passengers at a time and can travel more than 7000 miles non-stop. This plane has a spacious living space, large windows and a dinner table where 6 persons can sit at a time. This is really a fancy and luxurious private jet.